Working Through Sexual Difficulties in the Couple

Are you having problems with your sex life? Did you know that there is help in the form of sex therapy for couples? Having sexual intimacy with your partner should be lots of fun, but yet, there are couples having difficulty with this aspect of the relationship. If you want sex counselling London offers, then you have come to the right place in getting the necessary details to make an informed choice. Most men experience an orgasm during intercourse. However, many women don’t and this can be a problem in a relationship.

The Climaxing
Lack of climaxing is one of the most prominent issues in a sexual relationship and give couples a reason to seek sex therapy London provided. There are various reasons why this problem occurs in sexual relationships. Some of the reasons could be low sex drive, refusal to try new things, boredom, disagreements, exhaustion and sexual dysfunction; among others. Tackling sexual dysfunction can be quite a daunting task. However, a successful outcome can be the one thing to save the relationship. Below, we will discuss several elements related to sexual issues and how they can be fixed.
The Exhaustion Factor
At times, sexual problems can result due to exhaustion felt by one or both partners. When a female, for example has to work outside the home and comes home tired after a long day, exhaustion or fatigue can set in and be one reason for robbing the bedroom antics. Sexual psychotherapy can highlight the problem and find ways and recommendations to fix it. There are also other reasons for feeling exhausted and it could be related to health issues, not getting sufficient sleep, anxiety and even stress, which could result in frustration for the couple. Any sex therapist in Gibraltar would suggest ‘alone time,’ turning the cellphone and television off, taking time off at work, planning weekly date nights and other things that will focus on intimacy in the relationship.
Bedroom Boredom
Most times, boredom exist in the bedroom, if a couple has been together for years and is not open to trying new things in the bedroom, but quite content in going through a certain routine. Sex therapy Gibraltar provides could include giving the couple various options as to improving their sex lives and trying to do things that they have never done before such as watching porn videos, using sex toys, role playing, dirty talking and living out their sexual fantasies.
The Orgasm
One of the main problems in the bedroom is having an orgasm, which from the female perspective does not happen as often as it happens for the male. This can make the woman have a lack of confidence and feeling unfulfilled. This is going to be something the sex therapist can help the couple to discuss openly and honestly. That is the only way it can be fixed. There is no reason for blame. The discussion should focus on how to make it better so that each partner is emotionally and physically fulfilled; not necessarily in every sexual encounter, but often enough. For one, the therapist might suggest engaging in more foreplay, which could excite the woman and teach the man the art of taking it slow until it reaches the crescendo of a sexual orgasm. If you want to know more about how to work through your sexual difficulties as a couple, sex therapy london

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