What are the types of foundation repairs?

Importance of foundation repair

A foundational repair is needed if there are any damages in the foundation of a building, home, or other structures. Mostly these damages will be due to excess moisture. If the surrounding does not have proper drainage systems, and there is moisture, the concrete molecules will either start to expand or contract. Hence, the foundation is altered. You should repair the base of your building without any delays to avoid high risks. There are several foundational repair contractors in the market. If you are based in Dallas, you can search Google for Pier and beam foundation repair to find the contractors in your locality. The foundational repairs can be of different types based on the damage. In this article, let us discuss some of these types in brief.

Some types of Foundational Repairs

Slab Jacking

It is the process of foundational repair that includes the use of a pumping substance to lift the concrete slab. Some chemicals like Polyurethane foam will fill the void gaps between the concrete slab that causes the movement. The contractors will drill small holes on the concrete to fill the gaps.

Sealant repairs

It is a generic process of filling the gaps inside the concrete structures using caulk or hydraulic cement. These elements will seal all the gaps with lasting rigidity.

Steel pier installation

It is the process of foundational repair that employs new-generation steel piers in place of conventional concrete piers. Steel piers will not disturb more landscape and will not get any damages.

High-density Polyurethane foam

In this process, the contactors will inject high-density polyurethane foam into a checkerboard grid in the affected area. It is an easy process in foundational repair, predominantly used for slab repairs. It offers a speedy repair process at an affordable price.

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