Learn About the Different Types of Fire Watch Guards

fire watch guards services can be defined as on-site non-fire-related safety measures implemented by highly trained guards who have been trained to respond quickly in the event of a fire. Services usually entail: Patrols – Perform patrol services at specified times during the day and around the clock and during extended periods of time that span the facility. When the guards are not on duty they are usually on standby with the alarm system and are always on call in case of an emergency.

There are some types of guard services and all include fire safety and smoke detector system, which are an integral component to any of them. The smoke detector system works to identify high concentrations of odor-causing gases in the area by emitting an audible alarm. When an alarm is detected it will trigger a siren and the smoke detector will sound off to alert the guards that a fire has occurred.
To become a qualified fire guard, you need to undergo training, and obtain a certificate or an endorsement of certification. This credential is valid for at least two years. A qualified guard’s services are usually paid a monthly salary and benefits package based on his or her job duties, but the actual salary varies by location. This includes the amount for living expenses and other costs.

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