In Metalworkmaster, you will find the complete information about the laser marking

The long-lasting process that uses a concentrated beam of light to generate a permanent engraving on a metal surface is called laser marking. This process is normally done with a fiber, continuous wave, or pulse machine. Etching, carbon migration, fading, and annealing are the most common laser marking applications.

This process is carried out under high pressure and automated, leaving lasting traceability marks on many components such as steel, copper, and aluminum. It also applies to plastic, titanium, cardboard, glass, and even paper. With laser marking, you can make marks with letters and numbers by the machine; you can engrave legible information, such as unique identification codes, 2D data matrices, such as bar codes or graphics.
It is considered one of the most versatile and modern inventions used in any industry, be it automotive, military, and aerospace, among many other industries. With it, you can make cuts, clean, and welding; it can also perform measurements, drilling, and marking; in short, there are many options in which laser marking can be used.
How is the laser marking machine used?
The laser marking machine marks the surface of a material from a concentrated light beam. When this beam comes into contact with the metal surface, it modifies its physical properties. This light beam is only aimed at a specific area allowing very precise, and high contrast marks to be made that are later very easy to read or scan. Laser marking is excellent for obtaining permanent identification.
There are various types of laser marking, and each type has different functionality. Depending on the part to which the process will be applied, the marking machine’s relevant adjustments are made. There is a lot of information available on the web to correctly operate this machine type. In Metalworkmaster, you will find the complete information.
Safety first
It is imperative to follow the letter’s established safety standards to operate a laser marking machine. This number of standards and protocols make this process one of the safest industrial processes. There are many advantages to using this process.

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