How to decode a wine?

The wine is just not a drink, for many it is a feeling with emotions attached to it. The grapes or other main ingredients are grown carefully for the sole purpose of making wine. These undergo wine degustation before opening to the public.
At the wine tasting, the wine is understood and analyzed how different ingredients work in the drink. The art of wine tasting is more complex than thought, there are specific steps to go about it.

Let’s read them one by one-
1. Pro or not, even a layman should be able to decipher a lot just by looking at the wine. It gives out the color, opacity, viscosity of the wine. The look can give the texture which can pull the critique towards it or away from it. A lot can be told with a look.
2. The art of inhaling the aroma of wine is an important step in wine tasting. It tells about the fruits used or the spice blend in the drink. The aroma has three stages, primary, secondary, and tertiary.
3. The wine tasting is breaking down wine into minor details. The texture is felt and gives an idea about the alcohol content of the wine. The length of the drink savored also matters.
4. Ponder over the drink. After tasting, take a moment and let the ingredient soak in. This will tell how unique or different the wine is from others.
5. It is important to wear the right outfit while wine tasting. Ladies can wear breezy and cool outfits and flats. Men can pair shorts with a colored shirt or t-shirt.
The right code of conduct can give the best experience of a wine tour Tuscany.

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