How Reflective Tape Works

Reflective tapes are generally made by combining several layers of various materials in one plastic film. There are two primary types of reflective tapes, glass bead and microprismatic. They reflect differently in two different manners but are usually produced in a similar way so that micro-prismatic is the simpler of the two to manufacture. The material used to make these tapes is polyurethane, which is applied to a plastic substrate to form the reflective layer.

reflective tape suppliers johannesburg are available in rolls only, as it cannot be cut and bent into different shapes. They can be used to mark up doors, windows and windowsills. You can even use these tapes for decorations on your vehicles. If you are not planning to sell your vehicle, then these are a great way to personalize it. This can even be added to the car’s title.
Reflective tapes are perfect for those people who are looking to decorate their walls or add some style to their garages. Many home-owners like to use these in their bathroom to decorate their shower stalls. They look great when applied to wooden planks. Many of the reflective tapes come in a transparent finish that allows you to view them from any distance. They are also very durable and last for a long time. This means that they do not need to be replaced frequently.

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