Buying ethereumusing cash

Because of several reasons, you might want to purchase your ethereum anonymously and at the same time, try to avoid the hassle of having to go through the Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer checks. The how to buy ethereum hassle free might be what you should go for. It is possible to purchase Ethereum from a peer to peer online exchange.

Such a platform will be able to facilitate for local customers, local currencies over the counter. A service like the LocalEthereum is decentralized with arbitrages and escrow being gotten through the use of smart contacts of ethereum.
The service provided can be likened to eBay as it is a marketplace that makes it possible for the users to be able to offer their local currency to be given ethereum in exchange. Immediately the offer is accepted by the seller, funds exchange happens automatically. Money can be transferred through PayPal payments, credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers, and other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.
Paying for ethereum using cash is not a free service and as a seller, you will be charged about 0.25% fee, while as a buyer you will have to pay about 0.75% which might be considered to be lower as compared to what exchanges that are centralized offer.
The transaction processing can take up to a few hours as miners confirm the amount and record in their blockchain. When miners are receiving transaction fee, the transaction can be speed up through choosing a higher fee which gives the miners a motivation to process the transaction faster.
With the LocalEthereum, the parties are able to exchange some messages and thus, there is a possibility of setting a face to face meeting with exchange ethereum and seller for hard cash. As it is being done, you can meet in a place that is public and ensure to take precautions especially when doing a financial transaction with someone you are not familiar with.

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